Easy to prepare bean burger

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Preparing the black bean burger recipe is the easiest one in the cooking and the ingredients of the black bean burger need only the daily used ingredient in the cooking. Note the consistency in the cooking decides the taste of your dish. Now you are entering the black bean burger preparation. First you note down the ingredients for the cooking, some ingredients are, slice bread, garlic powder, onion powder, flour and black beans are the ingredients which are needed while in the Vegan black bean burger recipe those are all making the recipe unique. And other remaining ingredients are common for all type of cooking that are salt, oil, and pepper. 

The common ingredients are also essential in the vegan burger preparation and it also makes your dish tasty. And now you take the ingredients in the quantity level, excess of anything spoils your dish. Take half a cup of onion and the onions should be small and you finely chopped the onion before cooking. You have any doubt about why you chopped the onions before cooking. The reason is if you put the pan on the stove then after you chop the onion it takes a long time as well as the taste of the recipe comes in different flavors. Then you take the two cups of black beans, you should cook the black beans because you have to mash the beans after the cooking. And the next ingredient is two pieces of bread .You cut each end of the bread, it means cut the brown portion in the bread and the bread should be sliced into two to three pieces. Take half a cup of flour and the remaining ingredients are based on your taste. 

Beating the mixture finely for preparing burger tasty:

Now take the pan and put the one tablespoon oil in the pan  and Saute the onion when it gets soft make sure you never toast the onion in to golden color and Saute the onion in to low flame you just Sauteed in fine pale violet color . Now your onion is soft and now you are off the stove. Put the onion into one bowl and also put the beans in the bowl. Now you add the ingredients of the burger recipe, crumbled bread, salt and pepper in the bowl to combine. Normal salt is fine for making the vegan black bean burgers but seasoned salt adds some taste to your burger. Seasoned salt is optional for making the burger while in your preparation.

Onion and the beans are finely cooked now and you already add some ingredients like salt and pepper and now you add the other ingredients flour you may add one tablespoon of flour in the bowl. It is the time to add all ingredients in the burger preparation.mix the powder of pepper and onion in the bowl. Mix the ingredients finely in the bowl. The consistency is placed in the portion of burger making. Your mixture should be soft and fine. You may mix the ingredients with your hands also, but your hands should be clean while you are mixing and moreover the mixture comes thick so you should never add more water. 

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